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Why c3 Global Biosciences (c3GBS)

We pride ourselves for creating the highest quality, highest concentration and organic CBD-rich hemp oil available. Made from 100% natural and pure CO2 extracts, c3GBS partners with generational farmers that have grown their hemp for decades high in the northern Netherlands mountains where the soils and climate are impeccable. Honoring superior quality and safety, our industrial hemp is grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides. We have invested considerable amounts of money, time and resources to secure the following certifications:

  • CBD processes and production are certified organic.
  • Certified US National Organic Program 7 CFR Part 205 for Hemp and Hemp Oil.
  • International Standards Organization (ISO 9001:2008) certified for quality management systems; ensures sustained customer satisfaction by producing, delivering services and providing support functions that meet customer’s needs and expectations.
  • International Standards Organization (ISO 14001:2004) certified for CO2 High Pressure Refinement of Natural Material, Product and Process Development.
  • Kosher Certified – non-kosher ingredients have not been added to our products.
  • Certified Allergen Free for Good Suppliers and Manufacturers of Hemp CO2 Extract; allergen and cross-contamination free production facility.
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • cGMP Facilities

To make our full spectrum CBD-rich hemp oil, we use the superior method of supercritical CO2 fluid extraction to non-toxically extract a full spectrum of phytonutrients, enzymes and vitamins. c3GBS has all products tested by an authoritative third party laboratory at three separate points throughout the product development cycle to ensure that CBD levels are constant and free of heavy metals and other possible contaminants.

c3 Global Biosciences – In a League of its Own

Throughout history, the most highly respected herbalists have had the wisdom and knowledge to create herbal formulas that greatly benefit all individuals. Bohan™ herbal formulas, or “wellness formulas” are formulas that have been handed down by master herbalists from generation to generation.

c3GBS incorporates Bohan™ herbal extracts into its products. What makes the formulas special and promotes true healing is not the individual herbs, but the specific combination of herbs and extraction processes which create a balanced formula that works optimally with the body.

It is vital to understand that the best ingredient in the world can be harmful and toxic in the body if the body is unable to absorb them properly. It is scientifically proven that many herbs can increase bioavailability of varied nutrients. Bohan™ formulas are highly regarded because they are formulated to be properly absorbed by the body. These formulas completely revitalize and enliven cells by increasing circulation and removing blockages; thereby enabling the body to function at a high level. This leads to a heightened state of youthfulness and vitality.

The Natural Power of Adaptogens

Adaptogens are unique from other substances in that they can balance the immune system and the endocrine system and they help the body to maintain optimal homeostasis. Adaptogens work at the cellular level to improve the function and vitality of every cell in the body. Adaptogens are noted for having the broadest spectrum healing properties. They are protective and increase the individual’s resistance to chemical, physical and biological stresses. The main effects of Adaptogens include:

  • Increased availability of energy throughout the day
  • Increased endurance
  • Antioxidant effects that inhibit free radicals from adversely affecting cell membranes
  • Deep and restful sleep
  • Greater mental alertness
  • Elevate the recovery process after physical activity and illness

Formulated with our proprietary Bohan Calming Adaptogen Complex™, our products are made with nature’s finest ingredients. L-Theanine is an amino acid derived from Green Tea and is blended with other East Asian herbs such as Astragulus Root, Ginseng Root, Goji Berry, Artemisia, and Licorice Root (among others). Each herb contains anti-inflammatory properties, but all are unique. Combined they work together to unlock CBD’s full potential for an individual’s wellness.

Cannabis Science – NanoFX™ Nano Fueled Hemp Complex

Many nutrients and phytocannabinoids such as CBD are poorly water soluble limiting their bioavailability when inside the body. Nano technology enables substances to exist in their smallest particle form improving solubility and ultimately allowing nutrients to reach their desired site in the body. At the nanoscale, substances may have the ability to act in new and powerful ways beyond their usual capacity.

c3GBS’ NanoFx™ uses revolutionary nanoscience to deliver naturally occurring hemp derived CBD in smaller, more bioavailable doses for ultimate action. By offering CBD in nano form, this botanical constituent is more easily absorbed by the body and can work more efficiently.


The CBD contained in NanoFx™ is naturally derived from certified organic hemp and guaranteed to be free from heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides. Lab tested for potency and quality assurance, NanoFx™ is nontoxic and demonstrated to be safe for oral and topical use.

Our Commitment to YOU!

The reason why we do what we do at c3 Global Biosciences is to connect with and support as many people as we can – both domestically and internationally. The heart of c3GBS is to help all mankind and join you in your journey to better health and wellness. You are not a transaction. You are the beginning of a valuable relationship, a relationship that is not forgotten about, but a relationship that is nurtured and enriched… enriched with care, with compassion, with candor. You are our business and it gives us great honor to be an essential part of improving your quality of life. Our commitment to you is to always strive for excellence, to continue to innovate and provide the highest quality products Mother Nature offers.

c3 Global Biosciences – Life Without Limits!